Kynningsrud invests NOK 500 million

The first part of the investment has been delivered and the final part is due in 2019, when a further 25 machines will be added to Kynningsrud Nordic Crane’s hire operations. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane provides mobile cranes and special transport for hire, for all jobs, from the smallest assignments to major projects, where large capacity and a high level of competence are required. The crane division in the Kynningsrud Group is a current leader in the Norwegian and Swedish markets. Read the pressrelease here.

BUYING CRANES. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane, here via Eirik Kynningsrud (No. 2 f.v.), Pål Kynningsrud and Morten Heli-Hansen (No. 2 f.r.), has upgraded its machinery by investing NOK 500 million.

The company was established in eastern Norway and large parts of Sweden. Our strategy is to grow further in the Scandinavian market.

Kynningsrud Nordic Crane puts health, safety and the environment first. Our new machines satisfy the highest environmental requirements in the market, and thus support our HSE strategy. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane has also invested in self-erecting mobile tower cranes, which run on electricity wherever possible.

-A focus on environmentally-friendly machinery and a good use of crane and vehicle resources are essential for further growth. We take a positive view of developments in the Scandinavian market over the coming years, says CEO Pål Kynningsrud.

For further information, contact CEO Pål Kynningsrud +47 908 71 965, General Manager for Norway, Eirik Kynningsrud +47 90982561 or the Executive Officer for Sweden, Morten Heli-Hansen +46 736 44 04 40.


MOBILE TOWER CRANES. Entirely new to the market are self-erecting mobile tower cranes, which have the huge advantage that they can be easily moved around without dismantling and run on electricity.

Kynningsrud Nordic Crane is part of the Kynningsrud Group, which consists of the CRANE – PREFAB – PROPERTY – CONSTRUCTION – FOUNDATION divisions. The Group had a total turnover of NOK 2 billion in 2018, and approx. 800 employees. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane’s turnover was over NOK 700 million in 2018 with 300 employees, and the market area is Norway and Sweden. Its profile is the green light!