Worlds first electric crawler crane

Kynningsrud Crane wants to contribute to a cleaner world and has invested in the world’s first electric crawler crane!

This crane will help support important national targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is a great step in the direction of a greener world.

The launch of this very green pride and joy, the all-electric Liebherr LR 1250 Unplugged, took place on Tuesday the 1st of December. The Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament had the honour of cutting the ribbon in front of an excited audience.

A revolution
Our new Liebherr 1250 Unplugged is a small revolution and is setting the standard for the future. The belt crane will substitute diesel driven cranes and can be operated with or without a power cable. The crane has no operating limitations compared to diesel fuelled versions.

The green alternative
-This is a great day for us. To be a pioneer in the development of an environmental friendly industry is very exciting. The crane is already up and running, says Eirik Kynningsrud, CEO of Kynningsrud Cranes.

-The unplugged version is cost effective, quiet and environmental friendly compared to its predecessors and operationally there is no difference.

The environmental benefits will be material. Based on an operating life of 10.000 hours, the crane will eliminate the burning of an estimated 70.000 litres of diesel, and reduce CO2 emissions by 180,000 kg. The battery itself is 95% recyclable.

When operating unplugged the crawler crane can move 650m and has a battery capacity of four hours. The battery will be unaffected by the cold up to -25 degrees celsius.

-As well as the environmental aspect, it is also essential to us that the crane has the same working capacity as a normal crane. The electric Liebherr 1250.1 Unplugged passes this test easily, says Eirik Kynningsrud.

With this new crane, Kynningsrud is looking forward to many environmentally friendly lifts in times to come.