Alongside the hockey team Färjestad’s beautiful arena in Karlstad, work is currently underway to build a new pedestrian and cycle bridge between Råtorp and Färjestad. The almost 290-metre-long bridge, which will connect Karlstad’s northern districts, is an investment that will make Karlstad a more attractive and accessible pedestrian and cycling city.

During the autumn, Nordic Crane Heavy Lift assisted on site in moving several of the bridge elements for the footbridge. The elements, weighing around 50 tonnes each, were lifted onto one of our SPMTs and transported onto a provisional construction-bridge. There, we used two more SPMTs to position the loads in preparation for assembly.

The SPMT equipment has a capacity of 48 tons per axle and with a total of 48 axles it gives a capacity of 2,304 tonnes!

From Nordic Crane’s side, the project went smoothly and any challenges that arose were solved by our employees with panache.

Present in Karlstad were Leif Tore Engan (supervisor/advisor), Rikard Klepp (supervisor), Robert Gade (operator) and Mari Krøk (project manager).