Mobile cranes


Mobile cranes

Nordic Crane is at the forefront with regards to mobile cranes and with the industry’s most modern and versatile machinery, we can carry out any lifting assignment. We have mobile cranes of all sizes and can assist with both small, efficient lifting and large, complex assignments.

Mobile cranes are flexible and efficient
Our mobile cranes are highly flexible and can be navigated on most roads and construction sites in Scandinavia. A mobile crane can lift anything ranging from a hundred kilograms to several hundred tonnes, all with a persistent focus on safety and quality. We use weight cells in the cranes so that you always have control over the weight of the cargo and calculations in the crane’s computer system will see how much ground pressure the mobile crane has at any given time. Most mobile cranes are easy to relocate, and you can do the work carefully, safely, and efficiently.

Wide selection of cranes
We have mobile cranes for every need. Our machine depot consists of everything from mini cranes that make their way in narrow alleys to large crawler cranes that perform the largest lifts. We provide services locally, nationally and throughout Scandinavia. As our customer, you get expert help with complete solutions from planning to execution of complex projects, but also for all smaller and simpler lifting- and transport assignments. Nordic Crane has over 350 machines operated by our skilled and service-minded employees.

Sustainability and the environment 
Sustainability and consideration for the environment are important to us. We have invested in the world’s first electric crawler crane and always choose eco-friendly options when investing and upgrading our machinery.