At Nordic Crane, we work toward a sustainable future. Last summer, we helped build Sweden’s first wooden wind turbine with our 250-tonne all-electric crawler crane.

The benefits of wood
Using wood instead of steel for wind turbines can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90%, because wood as a material binds carbon dioxide.

Our groundbreaking project used the world’s first electric crawler crane, the Liebherr LR 1250 Unplugged. This 100% electric crane can lift up to 250 tonnes.

Innovative solutions and collaboration

The 105-metre-high wooden tower is one of the world’s tallest wooden structures. “Operating large tower modules in wood requires innovative thinking to meet the new challenges that arise in the grey-zone between steel and wood,” explains project manager Peder Åsen from Nordic Crane.

“Each tower consists of seven sections of 14 meters, where each section is composed of 28 modules of 12 tonnes, so the dimensions are large,” he continues. Nordic Crane accepted the challenge and contributed with everything from cranes – to design of lifting points and developing work methods. We were involved from the get-go and participated in weekly meetings since 2022, where we contributed ideas and designed lifting equipment together with our engineering department.

Project information
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