Ethical guidelines and sustainability

Ethical guidelines and sustainability

Our ethical guidelines shall ensure that everyone acting on behalf of Nordic Crane carries out their activities in an ethical manner and in line with the company’s values and principles of business practice and personal conduct.

Sustainability is important to us. Our ambition is to operate in such a way that it can be sustained over time, without compromising human lives or damaging the environment. For us, it’s about the environment, social conditions, and the way we run the company.

Business practices
The business should be known as a reliable company that delivers quality.

Customers and partners must have trust in the business and its employees. The company and its employees will commit to comply with applicable laws and regulations; comply with high ethical standards and take active social responsibility in their activities. The employee must comply with the rules and guidelines established by the customer for the individual assignment.

Nordic Crane will strive to ensure that subcontractors of goods and services to the company comply with a correspondingly high ethical standard.

Nordic Crane shall have a business culture characterised by the company’s values:

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Enthusiasm

Fair competition
Nordic Crane sets high ethical standards and competes within the structure set by the competition rules in the markets in which Nordic Crane operates. This applies in relation to competitors as well as to customers and suppliers.

Bribery and corruption
Bribery, corruption and anti-competitive activities destroy markets and impede economic, social, and democratic development. Nordic Crane does not tolerate and opposes all methods of corruption, direct or indirect, bribery or other improper advantages for business or private gain, neither for the company nor others.

Corruption includes bribery and undue peddling for in influence. Corruption undermines legitimate business activity, distorts competition, destroys the reputation of the business, and exposes companies and individuals to risk.

Bribery is offering, paying, gifting, or performing services to inappropriately influence a business deal. Bribery and corruption, whether in connection with government employees or commercial entities, can be directly or indirectly through third parties.

Gifts and hospitality
Nordic Crane prohibit the offering or acceptance of business goods – gifts, hospitality, expenses, or benefits – that may constitute an undue influence. In addition, business benefits may only be received or offered if they are modest both in terms of value and frequency, and if the time and place are appropriate.

If clearly business-related, the employee may attend social gatherings, receive dining or entertainment, provided that the cost is reasonable.

Gifts or hospitality must never influence business decisions and not entail obligations for the employee or Nordic Crane.

Equality, diversity, and respect
Nordic Crane strives for a working environment characterised by equality, diversity, and mutual respect, where everyone can contribute to the company’s success and to realise their own potential. Employees and others involved in Nordic Crane’s business will be treated in a manner that does not discriminate in relation to gender, skin colour, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship, social or ethnic origin, political beliefs, trade union membership or other circumstances. Nordic Crane does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any of our workplaces.

We will treat those affected by our actions with respect, dialogue, and involvement.

Nordic Crane has a fundamental respect for international human rights. Nordic Crane will not buy products or services that are based on forced labour, slave labour, child labour, social dumping or anything produced in opposition to the right to an organised labour market.

Nordic Crane is committed to protecting the confidential information it gains access to, be it information belonging to the company or business partners, and to not exploit this information. Such confidential information may include information regarding security, individuals, commercial, technical, contractual, or other legally protected information. The duty of confidentiality applies not only externally, but also to colleagues who do not need the relevant information in their work. The duty of confidentiality also applies after the employment relationship or other contractual relationship with Nordic Crane has ceased.

Conflict of interest
There is a conflict of interest when a personal relationship, participation in external activities, or interests in other trading influences, is believed to influence one’s decisions.

Employees may not have assignments or ownership in competing companies, with customers or suppliers.

Situations that may create a conflict between individual, private interests and Nordic Crane interests, or situations that in any way may have a negative impact on the company’s freedom of action or judgment, shall be avoided.

It is always in Nordic Crane’s interest that employees speak up about ethical issues.

Purchase of sexual services
Nordic Crane opposes the purchase of sexual services. The employee must refrain from purchasing sexual services when working or on a business trip for Nordic Crane.

Nordic Crane is a drug-free workplace. No one shall enjoy or be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while working for Nordic Crane.

However, limited quantities of alcohol may be served when local custom and special occasions deem this appropriate, provided that the intake is not combined with the operation of machinery, driving or other activities incompatible with the use of alcohol. Nordic Crane has its own drug and gambling policy.

Whistleblowing policy
Nordic Crane has a Whistleblowing Policy

With this policy, Nordic Crane specifies how employees who have the right to report objectionable conditions within the company can act without breaking the duty of loyalty in the employment contract and suffer employment-law measures or other negative consequences.

The purpose is to provide clear guidelines for when and how these conditions can be reported within Nordic Crane in situations where it is not relevant to use the ordinary system for reporting incidents. All disclosures of serious misconduct shall be handled in a fair and correct manner.

The policy has been developed based on relevant legislation (AML. chapter 2A)

Consequence of violations
Violations of Nordic Crane’s ethical guidelines will not be tolerated. Violations of the guidelines may result in disciplinary action, dismissal, and reporting to public authorities.

We at Nordic Crane shall contribute to an eco-friendly and sustainable development in society.

We will achieve this by identifying our environmental aspects, taking preventive measures, ensuring compliance and continuous improvement, as well as setting requirements for the choice of suppliers of products and services.

Our ambition within our core business is to contribute to a more sustainable future by being the green alternative.

Our employees
At Nordic Crane, each employee shall feel valuable and enjoy their work tasks in an inclusive working environment. Visible and clear HSE leadership, combined with committed employees, is a prerequisite for creating a safe and pleasant workplace.

We will safeguard workers’ rights through cooperation with trade unions, employers’ organisations, supply chains and public authorities.

Corporate Social Responsibility
By supporting both sporting and cultural events, we want to help improve experiences and quality of life in the local community. “True joy is being useful.”

We are also involved in several projects in collaboration with NSP Aid  (North-South Partnership Aid).