Lorry cranes


Lorry cranes

Lorry cranes are often used when you want to combine transport and lifting of smaller cargo. Perfect if, for example, you need help lifting in through doors / windows in buildings, or to lift roof trusses into place.

Lorry cranes are versatile
A lorry crane is a perfect and versatile tool if you need crane services and transport in the same operation. Projects where you have to lift in a safe and flexible manner is something we have extensive experience in.

With a vast reach for cranes, jibs, and winches, you have an effective support on all projects. We resolve everything from hoisting spa-pools in the mountains to crane services on small and large projects in construction, industry, infrastructure and much more.

Advantages of lorry cranes:

  • Most of our lorry cranes can transport 4-10 tons
  • We manoeuvre through narrow and challenging spaces
  • Fast rigging and decommissioning make lorry cranes efficient on construction sites where you often have to relocate the crane
  • Versatile yet adapted to customer needs
  • Can be supplied with different yokes (vacuum yoke for glass and façade hoisting, grabs for log cabins, grabs for roof tiles)
  • Some can also be equipped with hydraulic tools at the end of the crane, such as a clamp with a chainsaw, grabber, rotator

Biggest advantage: You get a lorry crane from Nordic Crane with a competent and friendly driver!

Wide selection of cranes
We have lorry cranes for every need. Our machine depot consists of everything from mini cranes that make their way in narrow alleys to large crawler cranes that perform the largest lifts. We provide services locally, nationally and throughout Scandinavia. As our customer, you get expert help with complete solutions from planning to execution of complex projects, but also for all smaller and simpler lifting- and transport assignments. Nordic Crane has over 350 machines operated by our skilled and service-minded employees.

Sustainability and the environment 
Sustainability and consideration for the environment are important to us. We have invested in the world’s first electric crawler crane and always choose eco-friendly options when investing and upgrading our machinery.