Electric crawler crane

The electric crawler crane is cost effective, quiet and environmental friendly. The crane has no operating limitations compared to diesel fuelled versions. When operating unplugged the crawler has a battery capacity of four hours.
With the most modern and versatile machinery depot in the industry, we are capable of performing any lifting assignment. We have mobile cranes in all sizes up to 750 tons, and can assist any lift from small lifts in the private market to large, complex job in the industrial market.
Lorry cranes are likely to be used when you want to combine transport and lift of a smaller items. For example, it is perfect if you need to install a spa bath-tub or ceiling supports.
Crawler cranes are highly suitable for installation jobs. The cranes don’t have support legs and can move around the site while lifting. They are cranes with heavy lift capability and high work radius.
Mini cranes are particularly suitable for indoor lifting or lifting where there is limited space available, and hence mobile cranes and lorry cranes are not suitable.
With our large mobile cranes with capacity from 250 to 750 tons, we perform assignments within manufacturing, oil and offshore, wind and road building segments.
When the use of mobile cranes is not possible, we use the expertise within our heavy goods department to utilise other lifting methods, including the use of hydraulic jacks, lifting towers and skidding equipment.
Trailers with up to 14 axels allow the transportation of equipment beyond normal road limitations in terms of length, width, height and weight. We also have self-controlled system that can transport up to 450 tons.