The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act


Our business and our collaboration with suppliers shall promote the purpose of the Transparency Act. It entails respecting fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the provision of our services and ensuring public access to information on how our operations deal with negative impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.


The director together with the board are overall responsible for the procedure, and shall, in consultation with appointed managers, ensure that due diligence assessments are conducted in the various parts of our company’s business areas.


Due diligence shall be based on the OECD Due Diligence Model for Responsible Business Conduct:

Due diligence shall be conducted according to the following work-methodology:

  • Annual work-meetings shall be called to conduct due diligence assessments.
  • Risk-mapping shall be conducted in connection with obtaining goods and services.
  • We will seek available information about our supply chains and utilize risk mapping from industry associations to which we are affiliated. Measures can be implemented directly against suppliers from our business or by a joint review from the industry through industry associations or other partners.
  • Based on risk mapping and prioritisation/materiality assessment, areas for improvement and measures shall be prioritised
  • The results of risk mapping are documented in a written statement. The written statement from our due diligence assessments shall be readily available by contacting 
  • In line with the Transparency Act, we provide information on where the report is available, and update the report by June 30th each year.

Processing of information requirements
Pursuant to the Transparency Act, everyone has the right to written information regarding how our business oversees actual and possible negative consequences related to human rights and decent working conditions in our supply chains.

See our policy and reporting system for reporting offensive conditions

Code of Conduct and Sustainability 
See our Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy.