Electric cranes


Electric cranes

We have several mobile cranes and crawler cranes with an e-drive. Including our 100% electric crawler cranes with 80 to 250 tons lifting capacity. Our mobile tower cranes and some of our mobile cranes are “hybrids” that can run on both diesel and electricity.

The green option
Our electric crawler cranes are cost-effective, virtually silent, and much more eco-friendly than their diesel-engine predecessors. In terms of operation, there are no differences in terms of boom combinations and dimensions of the diesel and battery versions.

A Liebherr LR 250 – unplugged typically works with the charging cable attached, but it can also work entirely offline. The offline battery capacity is four hours, where it can travel about 650 metres and with the ability to raise the boom. Charging takes 4.5 hours on the 63A and 2.25 hours on the 125A. The crane is designed in a way that allows you to work at a full -25 degrees, without compromising the effect on the battery.

Our hybrid cranes are transported to and from the workplace like a conventional crane with a diesel engine, but can perform the lifting operation silently and eco-friendly with the power cable connected.

Eco-friendly lifts
In addition to the green aspect, it is important that the electric crane has the same “working capacity” as a conventional fossil-powered crane. Looking at our carbon accounting, it is estimated that an operating time of 10,000 hours “saves” 70,000 litres of diesel and 180,000 kg of CO2. The batteries are also 95% recyclable.