At Nordic Crane, development is a crucial part of our identity. In the Carlberg tunnel, which is part of the new 10 km long double track that Bane NOR (link) and MossIA (link) are building between Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad, we have recently tested our brand-new jacking system, Enerpac JS250.

In the Carlberg tunnel, this unique system is used as part of the preparations for casting the finished tunnel profile. The jacking-stations are fed with “cassettes”, which are “lifted” up to the desired height. Each jack takes 250 tons and can be raised 10 meters without difficulty.

The system offers several advantages:

  • Greater efficiency compared to traditional jacking-systems.
  • Greater control regarding weight/pressure and lift (stroke-controlled system).
  • The system is electric, and you avoid large diesel generators and hydraulic hoses.

On this project, Simon, Marit and Aleksander operated as jack managers. Aleksander was supervisor and controlled the computer systems, while Marit and Simon monitored jacks, prepared the intermediate steps, and arranged for “cassettes”.

Watch a video of the project.