32-year-old Vibeke went from being a hairdresser to becoming a crane operator with us at Nordic Crane. She has now completed a truck certificate, a tower crane course, and a mobile crane course, and is well underway with her working day as a crane operator.

Vibeke is a trained skin and body therapist and is a certified hairdresser, but after many wonderful years in the beauty industry, her body reached its limits. She decided it was time for a 180-turn in her professional life, and after thorough research, she finally chose a crane operator. She has not regretted that for a second. Making such a drastic life-change is no easy task, but Vibeke found motivation and strength. 

– I said to myself, “I’m able to do this, and I’m going to do this”. It’s amazing how far you get with being a little stubborn and determined. I like ‘getting my hands dirty,’ and finding a job where I can spend some time outside was important to me. When I decided to find something completely different to work with, I posted on a women’s Facebook group asking what their professions were. I needed some inspiration. One day, someone sent me a private message saying she worked in the construction industry and enjoyed it! I didn’t really need to hear more. I contacted a school that held a machine operator course and started my education – she says eagerly. 

Vibeke joined us at Nordic Crane in December 2023 and feels that she has been warmly welcomed by colleagues at our department in Fredrikstad. 

– I am delighted with the choice, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work for the best company in Norway. My colleagues at Nordic Cane have a lot of high competence and experience. I can learn a lot from that. I look forward to going to work every single day,” she says.

We are very pleased to have Vibeke join the team and hope this can contribute to more girls wanting to pursue a career as a crane operator.