Nordic Crane is expanding all over Scandinavia and new projects constantly need our expertise and services. With the start-up of a new department in northern Sweden and several new projects and departments in Western Norway, we are facing exciting times. We always put safety first and it is clear, that Nordic Crane’s safety work is being noticed. We are now nominated for ESTA Awards 2024 in the Safety category with our digital safety manual aptly called: SAFETY.

Demanding jobs
We deliver complex and challenging lifts to the whole of Scandinavia and with that comes great responsibility and a clear focus on safety. In industries such as industry, oil and gas, infrastructure and wind power, the work we perform is demanding and involve risk. This places great demands on us being safety minded and what routines we must adhere to in our everyday work.SAFETY – a digital safety manual
Our digital safety manual SAFETY contains all the processes and safety measures we must adhere to in our everyday life. Detailed and established routines for a variety of situations we may face in our work. If something serious happens, we must have clear routines that are easily accessible digitally on the mobile. The same applies to daily routines in various work processes we carry out, as well as applicable regulations and instructions for all our machines and equipment. Everything complete, in one easily accessible place.

Excerpt from the front page of SAFETY

Life-saving rules
SAFETY also contains our own “Life-saving rules” which help us with the conventional and life-saving rules we must follow every single day to prevent something unwanted from happening. These eight rules put a necessary spotlight on how we can avoid danger and help us, our partners, and customers to come home safely, all our lives.

Excerpts from SAFETY – Life-saving rules

Proud finalists
We at Nordic Crane are proud finalists in the ESTA Awards 2024 and humbled by the recognition. We know that we work hard with HSE every single day and that we always put safety first in our work. However, with an effective and smart tool like SAFETY, we feel even safer at work and can offer safer services to our customers.