Nordic Crane should be the natural first choice in our industry. Our customers should feel confident that we are the right partner for all types of lifting assignments. We work hard to ensure that we are the best in terms of safety, quality and service; not to mention our competitive prices. At the end of 2023, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey, and once again it shows that our customers are highly satisfied with Nordic Crane!

Every year, we send out a customer survey to all our customers, which consist of a wide selection of clients, buyers, site managers and decision-makers from all over Sweden, including everything from small to large customers in construction, industry, infrastructure, petrochemicals and wind power.

The results show that the vast majority are highly satisfied with the work we do. It makes us proud, that more than 85% of our customers respond they feel that our employees have a good approach to safety work; outstanding!

Our customers also give us plenty of praise for our availability, delivery and quality of work. The comment fields are filled with praise such as: “Good communication”, “Very satisfied with the level of service”, “Keep to their promises, and the job is done on schedule” and one just says: “100%”.

The extra mile
Nordic Crane believes that our greatest resource is our employees. We genuinely want our employees to enjoy their job and to find their work meaningful. Our employee survey, which we also conduct every year, shows that our staff is doing well, which makes it especially fun that our customers also feel that our employees are nice, cheerful and go the extra mile at the workplace. “Professional appearance, pleasant treatment and exceptional cooperation – they always have the knowledge we need”, are among the comments in the survey. Or simply, as one puts it: «They are the best».

Nordic Crane is growing throughout Scandinavia
There is considerable competition for customers, and our ambition is to grow into new markets, including northern Sweden. To succeed, we are dependent on satisfied customers, and we can honestly say that the customer survey reflects that. Over 80% of the answers, are rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’. As always, there are some things we need to improve, and we will take that with us as we continue with our work. We will be Scandinavia’s greatest crane supplier and our customers will receive world-class service with high quality and without exception, we will put safety first, ensuring we all come home safe, all our lives! 

“We know that the assignment will be carried out with the customer in focus and with safety and quality of work as their highest priority.” -Client, Nordic Crane.