In recent years, we have had significant growth across Scandinavia and are now turning our attention to western Norway. Nordic Crane is already a well-known name among customers in the Haugesund-area, and we are looking forward to opening a new branch in Stavanger. 

This strategic expansion does not only give us the opportunity to strengthen our presence, but it also offers more resources and better services to our customers. With a solid foundation established in western Norway, we are decidedly optimistic regarding further growth and success in the region. 

New Regional manager for western Norway
We have hired Tom Helge Espeland to lead this initiative as the new regional manager for western Norway. Espeland has vast experience from diverse roles, including his time at Worley Rosenberg. Together with the department in Haugesund, we have a secure starting point for this venture. 

The natural first choice
Our main task will be to establish Nordic Crane as a solid and professional partner for both new and existing customers in western Norway. We seek to position ourselves as the best and most professional operator in Scandinavia with mobile cranes, lorry cranes, mobile tower cranes and Heavy Lift. The goal is to be the natural first choice for customers in the industry within infrastructure, construction, industry, oil and gas, as well as wind power and energy. 

We will deliver world-class services with the highest degree of safety. For us, it is important that everyone comes home safe, all their lives. In addition, we want to contribute to a better future and therefore take the environment seriously. When we invest, we think green and ensure that new machines meet the market’s environmental requirements. Read more about the green option here.

Covers all of Scandinavia
We have broad experience in the mobile crane industry, and we are owned by the family company Kynningsrud from Halden. Nordic Crane are active in all of Scandinavia, with over twenty locations from Stavanger and Haugesund in the west to Stockholm in the east, Copenhagen in the south and Boden in northern Sweden. Additionally, we have strategic and central areas such as Gothenburg, Oslo, Vestfold and Trøndelag.

Crawler crane already in place at Aker Stord
In addition to mobile cranes, we have over the past year invested significantly in large crawler cranes and special equipment, such as SPMTs, jacking systems and strand jacks. One of our large cranes, a 650-tonne crawler crane, is currently in use at Aker Stord, where we are working on a large and important project. We have built up a wide range of experience and expertise within project management and engineering.

Consolidating our position
With our initiative in western Norway and continued investments in new machines and skilled employees with high competence, we look forward to consolidating our position as a central player in the Scandinavian crane industry.